Every parent wants what is best for their kid, but it can be easy for us to forget two important aspects of baseball. 1) If we play the game long enough, eventually baseball will push back. Too much pressure on a young athlete makes burnout, whether at 15 or 25, significantly more likely. And 2) Baseball is, above all, a game. The more fun we enable our kids to have, the longer they’ll want to play it – the longer they will learn and grow as a result of it. We all want our young athletes to become superstars, but we must also recognize that even the superstars fail. We shouldn’t protect our young athletes from adversity or failure, but rather, welcome it as a catalyst in helping them become who they are supposed to be.


At Mint, we take a holistic approach to baseball, and as result, believe that personal growth directly correlates to growth on the field. Parents are the driving force behind that personal growth, and are integral in the formation of their children, both as people, and as athletes. That is why a Mint Parent Membership is designed to help you walk alongside your young athlete throughout their journey, and guide them in their growth as a baseball player and as a person.