Players, if anyone ever tells you that you can’t be the hardest working kid in the room while having the most fun…they’re wrong. At Mint, we help you take control of your game by helping you take control of your mindset. Everyone at Mint has been in your shoes. We’ve learned from our success, but more importantly, we’ve learned from our failure. And our failure has taught us this: put in the work so that every time you step up to the plate, you have the opportunity to get a hit, but also accept that baseball is a game of failure. You will strike out, you will make errors, you will walk batters. The best players in the world make these same mistakes every. single. game. But they never fail…they learn. And that’s why they’re the best. Grit is born from failure. Perseverance is born from coming up short. They’re best players in the world because they know that their talent is deeper than any personal statistic. And so is yours. Mint will help you develop this powerful mentality and in doing so, take your game…and your life… to the next level.