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What We are all about

Mint Academy is designed to give young athletes the tools to grow both on and off the baseball field. There is no shortage of ways to become a better athlete in the physical sense. Batting coaches, fielding coaches, strength and conditioning coaches. But in order to be successful in a sport like baseball – especially in a sport like baseball – young athletes must begin to develop the mental part of their game as well. This is the key to “separating from the pack” and taking one’s game to the next level. We do that through Mint Academy.


The “course” is based upon nine different modules, or innings, as we like to call them. As students progress through each of the nine innings, they will have 1on1 Zoom meetings with JA to discuss their progress and to talk about how they are putting what they’ve learned into place. Although Mint Academy is loosely structured around a curriculum, the key to students’ growth is the relationship they build with JA. 



Having spent most of his professional life working with a variety of individuals, from business leaders to collegiate athletes and youth baseball players, he tailors each lesson to address the needs of the person he works with. Mint Academy students will be able to share their personal experiences, where they excel, what holds them back, and what they want most out of this experience. In discussing these things through the lens of each inning’s topic, JA is able to build a strong foundation for each young athlete based on their individual strengths, weaknesses, and goals.

Here is a look into the Mint Academy innings:

1. The Necessity of Recovery

2. Vision and Goal Setting

3. Mindfulness and Mental Imagery

4. Grit and Growth Mindset

5. Controlling What We Can

6. Remaining Calm When it Counts

7. Confidence

8. The Power of an Optimistic Mind

9. Conclusion


At the Student’s pace

There is no “standard pace” by which students should work through each module. They will only move on to the next inning once they fully understand and have properly practiced the lessons of their current topic. JA tailors Mint Academy to the needs of each young athlete, including how long each student remains on each subject. Some may take a bit more practice than others. That’s ok. Every student learns and grows differently. Mint Academy works best for kids ages 13 and up. If your child is under the age of 13, they will likely benefit from a program that is less structured and based upon their a la carte needs. Click here to learn about the Jr. Mints program!



For a deeper look into Mint Academy, sign up below for a free consultation with JA. During this introductory Zoom session, you’ll get to know more about JA and about how he runs the Academy. He will also use the time to learn a bit more about your young athlete and how he can best serve them.

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Join Mint: Individuals on Mint Academy page

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